Hello, this is Riarisu. I plan to edit these JoJo Wiki pages:

  • ​Merchandise: There is a lot of merchandise that hasn't been indexed in this wiki. I will start with Medicos' JoJo merch because I like to watch the updates from that manufacturer.

  • ​Blu-ray/DVD Releases: The catalog is completed but I'm going to add the description for the LE bonuses, not just images.

  • ​Events: There are some events that haven't been indexed in this wiki and I think nobody cares about JoJo events since they were already in the past. But I try my best to make the events catalog becomes completed.

  • ​List of JoJo Influences on Internet Culture: Gotta add more fanmade JoJo games and I don't know if I could add some JoJo parody series like JJBA In A Nutshell, JJBA But Really Really Fast, and JoJo's Copyright Free Adventures too(?)

  • ​Drama CD English scripts: I already put the YT videos with the English subtitles but when I saw the list of pages that still need edits/expansions (I forget where did I read it) so I guess I'm going to put the English scripts too.

  • Maybe add these JoJo bars and other JoJo related places to this wiki(?) I haven't visited those JoJo bars so I'm not sure enough to index them in the wiki though.

I will also translate some interviews in the Interview Archive.