Finding Ari's Type

Just keep swi- investigating...


Female is first because it's the easiest to figure out. In terms of appearance, I usually end up liking the characters with reverse trap vibes or maybe we can just say genderfluid. But honestly, I can't say that either. Some reverse traps are still too way feminine in terms of their personality and they're not my type. I tried to find more reverse traps in anime but WTF no one can be compared to my ult wife Yuu Kashima. I also love Haruhi Fujioka omg I kin her... I think. Haruka Tenou might be considered too but I barely know anything about them (do I use the pronoun correctly?). I also know that they're lesbian but I'm not into women, I love any and that's why I can't say that they're my favorite.

In terms of personality, I like the independent woman type. They can still be feminine, looks or skills idm, but they have to have common senses and leadership. Let's say Izumi Tachibana from Mankai Company. Damn, I love her so much. The reason why I love A3! is because her personality is lovable. I can't say I kin her but she has the personality I look for. I treat Izumi as one individual person, not myself. That's why... although I'm fine with any Izumi ships (adults only: Itaru, Chikage, Omi, Sakyo, and the whole Fuyugumi), I actually have one favorite ship *cough* the hint is both love spiβ€” :p

The protagonist in a game is important because I will be her in the story and that's why I rarely talk a lot of otome games even though I played a lot of otome games since they didn't make me happy... You see, typical otome protagonists are mostly clumsy, easily got blushed (aka masochists sorry I don't make the rules), useless without their man, aaaand stupid aka bad in choosing decision, doesn't have self-awareness, etc.

It's also not easy to find female charas who fit my type in the anime. Maybe because I rarely watch anime series with women in them. Mizuki Hijiri from Chuubyou Gekihatsu Boy, Maria from Arakawa Under the Bridge, and Katarina Claes are so far my ultimate faves along with Yuzuki Seo and Chiyo Sakura from Gekkan Shoujo. Basically, Gekkan Shoujo covers all of my favorite female chara types lmao. Mafuyu Kurosaki from Oresama Teacher which was also one of Gekkan Shoujo's mangaka's works also fits my female chara type. Thank you Tsubaki-sensei sobs. Other minor independent female charas I like: Yasuho Hirose (JJBA 8), Jolyne Cujoh (JJBA 6), Shizuku Mizutani (Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun), Yosano Akiko (BSD), and Hotaru Tachibana.

Oh right, there's also one minor female chara type I like: women with sadistic tendencies. Maria and Yosano are quite fitting that type.


My female types are mixed from these:

  • Appearance: genderfluid

  • Personality: independent, sadistic tendencies (minor)


List of the names in case you don't know who they are: Candidates​

This is still rough but:

  • Very enthusiastic about their favorite things but can be lazy too, idk how to explain it but it's not the genki type

  • Ambivert? idk I think it's more into introvert but not the shy type one, they can be very friendly to people they're caring about

  • Weeb, so that we can respect each other lol

  • Love to tease their girl aka me

  • Shameless, has no sense of funny jokes but I still laugh anyway

  • Productive, can manage his time very well between working and gaming

  • Good in technology bcs I hate boomers

  • Pretty........ this must be my very first impression of them

Easter Eggs

If you haven't realized it yet, the notebook background that I used in my Carrd is from the DDLC game lol.

Yeah, the font doesn't match because I don't know what font is used in DDLC. I also doubt that font is available in Carrd.