For Hisoka's Birthday 2020

Did it work? Yeah in JP. But not in EN.

Hisoka, happy birthday. You know, I will always love you as one of my top 3 main oshis even though I stan literally everyone in Mankai. I don't care if people say you're useless, lazy, or anything else. You know what, I even want to be you in the future.

Yes, you're my life goal. You love sleeping and have a very relaxing mind while I barely sleep these days because I'm stressing my thesis right now :( You are simple-minded, even marshmallows can persuade you better than anything else. You have everyone who loves you no matter what. You are unexpectedly funny... Homare really spoils you too much, I wish I could be you.

That's why Hisoka for the love of God I need you to come home in EN tomorrow please pretty man pstpstpst T-T

Jkjk I don't wanna force you to come home because I'm already proud with my 2 half bloomed SSRs of you in EN. But oh well a girl can only hope because I want to celebrate your birthday... Again, happy birthday December!


I still remember the third of December, me in your sweater You said it looked better on me than it did you Only if you knew how much I liked you

But I watch your eyes as Penpen walks by What a sight for sore eyes Brighter than the blue sky She's got you mesmerized while I die (getting your bday card in EN)