Check my Github! I have a lot of projects actually but I won't list all of them here because some of them aren't originally made by me.

If you like my projects, please share them with your friends!

All of my projects are open-source but please if you want to share them, use the original links instead of reuploading them! You're gonna make yourself a clown if you reupload them anyway because my projects are well-known in the fandoms.

If you have any questions regarding the project's source code such as how to build a similar project for other fandoms or want to contribute to my projects etc. you can DM my Twitter.

If you only want to complain, say thanks, request a feature, or report any issue, please use my Tellonym. I'm a busy person and I rarely check my DMs unless it's for a long talk so I will appreciate it if you say those things to my Tellonym instead.

If you're interested to give me support *cough* you can buy me a coffee here. It's 100% optional and I rarely check the page tbh because I will only use the money from Ko-fi for urgent issues.