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Do I have the responsibility to keep writing this stuff?

How it was started?

I randomly brought a topic about the flash games which are already unplayable since Flash has been shut down by the end of the last year to an A3! Discord server I'm in. I just want to reminisce about the old me who love any game genre by doing "Game of the Day" but the server owner took my random rant seriously... wait, what I do right now sounds like Itaru wtf. I'm not an Itaru kinnie I swear.

Game of the Day #1: A3!

Date: January 27th, 2021

Gitbook sucks, it's too ugly if I put all troupes pictures in 4 rows

Why you should play this game:

  • Ryo Fujiwara's art *chef's kiss*

  • Izumi is a queen

  • siNgLe bOiS and MeN and they're multi-cultures I love them

  • Great songs, stories, even the game UI is so perfectly designed except a3en hasn't added the skip feature

  • Good fandom although sometimes cursed too

  • One of the best wiki ever bcs ewww

Why you shouldn't play this game:

  • iTs nOt EvEn An oToMe gAmE

  • No gacha pity wtf // Ok edit: in February 2021, they add the gacha pity thing but it's still ridiculous because you fucking need to do 22x10 pulls to get the limited SSR.

  • You will lose nights of sleep for ranking (I don't tho, this is exaggerating imo)

Rate: yes/10

Happy 4th anniversary A3! even though I've played only for 1+ year

Game of the Day #2: Sara's Cooking Class

Date: January 28th, 2021

Why you should play this game:

  • It has tons of food variations from sweets to full courses, carrot cake is one of them (yeah this is for you, Tenma :p)

  • If I remember correctly, some of the variations even provide you the number of ingredients you need and srsly it's too realistic

Why you shouldn't and almost can't play this game:

  • RIP Flash, I love this franchise so much as I love Papa Louie and Cooking Mama despite me rn prefer to buy instant food or order fast food

  • I wasted my time doing research on how to get those Flash games back yesterday (yea apparently you can, thanks to those people who work hard to archive the Flash games)

Rate: yum/10

Game of the day #3: 10 Billion Husbands

Date: January 29th, 2021

I actually already forgot how to play this game but it's an idle game where you can tap the screen repeatedly or just leave the game farming passively.

Why you should play this game:

  • It's a cute game with illustrations as the bonus when you unlock a new husband type and a secret illustration when you unlock everyone

  • It also has 10B wives and 20B wives if you want to collect women

Why you shouldn't play this game:

  • Like many idle games, it's boring. well ofc if you need games to kill your time, this is good but wow A3! has stolen all of my free time already

  • There's no story in the game, it's just that you can marry men as many as possible

  • I played this in the past because I loved games that I could finish and then uninstalled it after that

Rate: 6/10

Game of the Day #4: Evening Surprise

Date: January 30th, 2021

It's a visual novel about Max who's living with his girlfriend Ann then he finds out that his girlfriend is cheating and he's trying to figure out what's the reason and what's Ann hiding.

Why you should play this game?

  • Free on Steam

  • Gameplay is short, iirc I only took around 30 mins to finish it


Why you shouldn't play this game?

  • No you should

Rate: 🐱/10

Game of the Day #5: Twisted Wonderland

Date: January 31st, 2021

I decide to choose this for today because I'm playing TWST right now lol. Idk why I suddenly want to play this even though I know I have to deal with many crashes bcs my phone sucks.

Why you should play this game:

  • If you love Disney then you will definitely love this so much

  • If you love music game then this game's rhythmic is easy peasy for you

  • Fuckk the graphics are so good to the point my phone crashes a lot every time I want to read the mf stories

  • It has pity pull on gacha banners...

Why you shouldn't play this game:

  • If your phone sucks like mine

  • You don't want to hear Eichi's talking as a shortie actually an old man named Lilia

Rate: 9/10

Bonus: Please view my man above, he's my favorite although people say he's too popular like Itaru πŸ˜”