BSD Fanfiction Ideas

LMAO what?

I collect it in a Twitter moment actually but I think I'm gonna delete it because I can't guarantee the safety of my ideas (although I doubt anyone will steal my lame ideas lol).

What if I make a BSD fanfic but with Indonesian classic novelists as the OCs


  • Chairil Anwar: Suara Malam Binatang Jalang //Atsushi vibe

  • Pram A. Toer, ability: Bumi Manusia //Dazai vibe

  • NH Dini, ability: Dua Dunia

  • Sapardi, ability: Hujan Bulan Juni

  • Hamka, ability: Van der Wijck

Stupid cheesy romance story ideas based on BSD characters' personalities


  • Dazai

    • You're a newbie of PM and he met you when you have a mission to spy on ADA since they won't get suspicious of you. Dazai spots you and guesses your tactics perfectly. This makes you shocked and then try to kill him. But instead, he says, "You're beautiful" (quote from Princess Mononoke lol).

    • He says that you're not suitable for this job and you remind him of Odasaku. Every time you have a mission from PM, he always shows up to help you. He always says that he loves you so much, but you think he's joking because of his personality. You know, asking for a double suicide.

    • Then you learned that he is a traitor of PM. Mori who heard that you're close with him, wants you to use him to get ADA's info and convince him to go back to PM. You don't want to do it bcs you trust him. But instead, he's backstabbing you first. PM is in chaos.

    • He helped you in the missions bcs he wanted to know what is PM doing rn. He's being sweet for you because he's using you and you're not aware of it. You feel betrayed and ask him, "Do you really love me? Or are you just using me for your own profits?"

    • Dazai says, "I do this for your own good. Do you trust me?"

      Yea that's all. I'm thinking to make two endings based on your answer.

  • Atsushi