An Android App About Breast Cancer Education
July 13, 2018
This project was the last project of this semester. I collaborated with Fauzi and Shofiyyah again for this project. We made Perantara, an Android app to educate people about breast cancer, especially women. Actually Mr. Erick, as the lecturer of the subject, suggested us to choose between an Android app about breast cancer, leukemia, or Sundanese scripts and since we were pinky team (LOL) we chose Perantara instead. Nah, I’m joking. The reason why we chose Perantara because the assets were much better for Perantara. We could say it’s better because the assets were easier to be cropped than Pemberani (the leukemia app name). We were already bored with Sundanese scripts too so we didn’t take Mandala (the Sundanese scripts app name).
Perantara was made to implement the paper that Psychology students of Padjadjaran University wrote. You can read the detail of the paper here. The assets were made by them too. So basically the Informatics students, who were asked to do this project for the final project of Object-oriented Programming 2 subject, only needed to develop an app by using the paper’s assets and contents.
My team’s app was not really good, and to be honest I didn’t really contribute myself in the development. I was only busy to refine the assets from the paper. But lucky us, Mr. Erick chose us as one of the best Perantara app. Those teams who were chosen by him should continue the project so it could be launched for real. I would like to take the chance but Fauzi and Shofiyyah didn’t want to continue it anymore and since I wasn’t really good at developing the Android app alone so I refuse the chance. But it’s okay, our team still got A score for this subject.
The project can be seen in my Github here. Fun fact, this repository was one of the project with longest time to upload beside the user interface design project. I hate to say this but Github right now is limiting the size of the uploaded files so I need to install Git LFS if I want to upload big files.
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